History of Nordik Construction


A successful project matches the right contractor with the project at hand. When hiring a contractor, one wants to be assured they hire someone who has the background and expertise to perform the services desired, while meeting their standards and expectations. This is the commitment and goal of Nordik Construction.

Every contractor/organization is guided by a person who is representative of what that organization is all about and how it is managed. Their reputation is formulated by the people who lead and manage that organization. Nordik Construction is led and managed by its owner Michael “Mike” Mauno, who has a 35 year history of commitment, involvement and assistance with successful projects throughout the State of California.

A history of Mike is a history of Nordik Construction.

Mike grew up in Torrance, California with two immigrant parents from Scandinavia. His family history is made of many who were old school European Craftsmen who helped build Northern Europe and Russia. Mike was gifted with the same craftsman skills of his forefathers. After graduating high school in Torrance, Mike attended El Camino College and earned an AA degree in Construction Technology learning how to build a house correctly. In 1983, with his knowledge and skills, Mike obtained his State Contractors License and called his company Nordik Construction. Mike kept busy with a handful of employees serving his customers and continued his education by attending California State University at Long Beach where he obtained a Bachelors of Science degree from the School of Engineering with an option in Construction Management.


With Mike’s hands-on experience and his engineering background, he moved on to work in Corporate America and worked as a Construction Manager for a handful of Fortune 500 companies. The next twenty five years Mike managed projects big and small for Financial Institutions, Retailers and Real Estate Investment Trusts. His introductory years in Corporate American began with working for financial institutions during the downturn years in the 80’s. Mike analyzed and completed repairs and refurbishments to hundreds of projects that were either incomplete, built wrong or managed improperly during construction. During this time Mike gained valuable experience as to how and why projects fail and how not to build them or miss-manage them and what it takes to build them right.

During this same time, Mike added to his knowledge and experience by serving on numerous community organizations and groups. He gained invaluable entitlement and planning experience serving as a City Planning Commissioner, City Councilman, and a Re-Development Agency member. During this time Mike participated in over 1,700 public hearings on planning cases as a decision maker, gaining valuable experience as to what leads to successful planning and interaction with governmental agencies. Additionally, Mike attended UCLA School of Business Management and completed the Investment Real Estate option.

Today, Mike has dedicated all his efforts full time to operate Nordik Construction. With over three decades of invaluable construction and project management experience, Mike is serving his customers specializing in small to medium size projects. Your projects are personally managed by Mike and not some unknown individual. Nordik Construction is dedicated to helping you realize the dreams for your home, and the goals you have for your investment real estate property needs.